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*              ~             SADDLE UP! is now available!                 ~           *

Go to the Saddle Up website for a link to a FREE download of the basic pack, or if you’d like, donate a small amount and get the Deluxe pack with a bunch of special features!

Me and everyone else the pack put so much work into this thing, I’m so happy to be able to share it with you now. Donations go either to the artists or a charity, but really donations just help make it so that making a second pack like this, and keeping it big, and keeping it free, is easier. At the end of the day, just enjoy all this porn, search the PSDs for artist techniques and little secrets, make hoity toity’s balls fill your screen as a wallpaper, whatever!




Since I can’t really sell him online (and It’ll be a while ‘til I can sell ‘em at a furcon or something) HERE’S THE APPLE COWBOY DAKI along with a download link to the gloooorious HD files - (if for some reason that link dies just email me)

I was really debating selling off the files or just posting em but YOU DESERVE IT

And if you wanna throw me a couple bucks for this big ol’ cutie and support me making more like it, you can throw a little change to my paypal! i really appreciate the support <3

just send to!

downloading the files also gives you a txt file with a link to a website where you can get the body pillow printed for pretty cheap and great reliable quality~ If you get it printed, make sure to send me pics of it, and perhaps a little donation for bringin’ it to life <3

enjoy this HD fuckin’ cutie~

So… My tablet is dead since quite some time ago and just yesterday I send it to service, hopefully it will be repaired for Tuesday… hopefully, in the meantime I revived my laptop from where I am posting this but I can’t do much in it to ‘artz’, that’s why I haven’t posted anything lately and one of the reasons why my last post was a little bit late hehe


Hi there everyone! So, to celebrate 800+ followers and to get my lazy butt in gear, I’m having a follower contest!! Wheee! :D So, to participate, there’s only one rule! You MUST be following Luna and Rarity (New followers are welcome!) Trust me, I’ll be checking <3 To participate, all you need to do is like or reblog this post (you can do both, it increases your chances, but you can only reblog once) Winners will be picked randomly! And here are the prizes!

First place: Two fully colored and shaded pictures with backgrounds

Second place: One fully colored and shaded picture with a background.

Third place: Two pictures with normal coloring, no shading, no BG

Fourth place: One picture with normal coloring, no shading, no BG

The contest will be ending October 10th! Good luck everyone~! <333333333333333333

(If you win but don’t reply in two days, I’ll pick another winner :>)

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