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So… My tablet is dead since quite some time ago and just yesterday I send it to service, hopefully it will be repaired for Tuesday… hopefully, in the meantime I revived my laptop from where I am posting this but I can’t do much in it to ‘artz’, that’s why I haven’t posted anything lately and one of the reasons why my last post was a little bit late hehe


Hi there everyone! So, to celebrate 800+ followers and to get my lazy butt in gear, I’m having a follower contest!! Wheee! :D So, to participate, there’s only one rule! You MUST be following Luna and Rarity (New followers are welcome!) Trust me, I’ll be checking <3 To participate, all you need to do is like or reblog this post (you can do both, it increases your chances, but you can only reblog once) Winners will be picked randomly! And here are the prizes!

First place: Two fully colored and shaded pictures with backgrounds

Second place: One fully colored and shaded picture with a background.

Third place: Two pictures with normal coloring, no shading, no BG

Fourth place: One picture with normal coloring, no shading, no BG

The contest will be ending October 10th! Good luck everyone~! <333333333333333333

(If you win but don’t reply in two days, I’ll pick another winner :>)


Nota: Esta por demas decir que solo dibujare ponis




In celebration of my first year with this Ask Blog I decided to make my first “try” of giveaway.


*Follow this ask for at least a week

*Like and Reblog to this post

*Just one reblog per user, doesn’t count many reblogs from differents blogs of the same user

*This giveaway ends the Saturday 21th, September

*Only will be 3 winners

*The winners will be chosen randomly


First place: A draw in my style

Second place: Vector Draw

Third place: Pencil Draw


Note: I’ll only draw ponies


I’m very close to the 1000 follower mark on the tumblr’s 3 month anniversary.  So let us see if that milestone can be met before the day is over!

So here’s my plan:

If I hit 1000 followers by tomorrow, anyone that reblogged this post will be entered into a raffle.  I will only pick 1 person as a winner via random number generator like previous raffles.  The prize is a full coloured single character request. 

Remember, the raffle will be only conducted if I hit 1000 by 12:00 am EST.  Good luck to everyone

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